"KRINOS" SOFT DRINKS PRODUCTION PLANT - Ποτοποιϊα ΚΡΙΝΟΣ - Ιωάννης Κ. Αναστασόπουλος



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Our first pilar is our respect towards the final consumer and the traditional tastes.

A new, modernized production plant of
4.000m2 (investment of 2011) built in accordance to the strictest Drinks & Food Safety Standards, a production line of 12.000 bottles / hour and our long-term know-how are our second pillar.

Our third basic pillar is the 100% Greek Natural Juice that we use for producing "KRINOS" soft drinks.

We combine all of our efforts to offer you UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC, GREEK, NATURAL PRODUCTS full of flavor and tradition, ideal for us and our children!

* Click on the photos below to have a virtual tour on our production plants

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