OUZO "KEFI BLUE SERIES" - Ποτοποιϊα ΚΡΙΝΟΣ - Ιωάννης Κ. Αναστασόπουλος


Ouzo “KEFI Blue Series”: The brand that successfully combined the Greek colors, the experience of many years and a minimalistic label. A Greek dancer that is sketched by hand shows off the generosity of heart of Greeks, the dance and the liveliness (kefi) has travelled for export in absolute success since 1980

Distillation process: 10 hours pass slowly while waiting the cooper stills to liberate the first drops of the extract composed of a special blend of Greek aromatics and herbs
Color: transparent, pure and clean like the Greek soul
Texture: Mild along with full body and intense tears developed in the glass for revealing the pureness of its ingredients and its distillation
Aromas: Soft and silky while strong and balanced. Anise is prevailed while memories of Greek botanics and seeds like cardamom and kakoule come out by composing a harmonious entirety
Flavor: Soft and pleasant with a mild blink of alcohol and a prolonged after-taste. Its delicate sweetness combined with a special blend of aromatics lend the satisfaction till the end

Calmness and relish by viewing a tremendous sunset in the horizon, Hatzidakis’ music by holding the hand of your beloved companion

Serving Suggestions
Add ice cubes or “KRINOS” Natural Mineral Water for a light pleasant company!
Alternatively, mix it with “KRINOS” Orangeade or Lemonade for a long-lasting pleasure!

100% Greek Product!



ΟUΖΟ "KEFI Blue Series"
Packaging & Alcoholic Volume
96 (24x4) bottles / 0.05lt. - 37.5% Vol.
24 bottles / 0.2lt. - 37.5% Vol.
6 bottles / 0.7lt. - 37.5% Vol.
6 bottles / 1lt. - 37.5% Vol.
6 bottles / 2lt. - 37.5% Vol.

96 (24x4) bottles / 0.05lt. - 40% Vol.
24 bottles / 0.2lt. - 40% Vol.
6 bottles / 0.7lt. - 40% Vol.

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