"KRINOS" LEMONADE - Ποτοποιϊα ΚΡΙΝΟΣ - Ιωάννης Κ. Αναστασόπουλος


Color: Yellowish as the pulp of a fresh lemon
Texture: Full and thick but vivacious at the same time
Flavor: Like a freshly-cut lemon with a slightly sour aftertaste that refreshes and quenches thirst

"Memory": The first teenage dates under summer sun, love stories, the first sneaky bunk offs

In a glass with ice cubes
will satisfy your thirst,
will fortify you and
will travel you away!

Made by 100% Greek Natural Juice!



Authentic traditional taste of lemon juice
with bubbles:
24 bottles / 250ml.
24 bottles / 330ml.
6 bottles / 1.5ml.
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